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CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees" - Transcript: Sochi Olympics


Location: Unknown


COOPER: Congressman, this latest threat, potential explosives in toothpaste and cosmetic tubes, how specific and credible is it, you think?

REP. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK: I think it's credible and that my understanding it was a legitimate source that gave the information. Now that doesn't mean it's going to happen, that doesn't mean it's definite. But it's serious enough that we have to consider it to be accurate. We -- we have to assume that it's true and play it back from there.

So it's something being taken very seriously by our country, by the Russians, and by a number of other countries who are also involved in this.

COOPER: You're on the House Intelligence Committee. There was a hearing before the committee on Tuesday. The head of the National Counterterrorism Center, Matthew Olsen, said that there are, quote, "A number of specific threats of varying degrees of credibility. I'm saying a number specific threats, it sounds like maybe something more than toothpaste and cosmetic tubes. Is that accurate?

KING: I really can't go into that. And I think just the fact that we're saying -- you know, we're saying toothpaste and cosmetics tubes, that's also pretty specific because that's the first time if this is true that this type of weaponry has been used. This is something that we have not seen before. And it was given with a degree of specificity. So to that extent, that is what I believe Director Olsen was saying. Because he also briefed us the night before in a classified session.

And there's a number of other threats, you know, we are looking at. And as I mentioned before, it's not always easy to do it this time because we're not getting full cooperation from the Russians.

COOPER: The Associated Press is reporting that six of their employees either arriving on flights into or departing on flights out of Moscow got through security with hand lotion, water bottles or even toothpaste tubes in their carryon luggage. How much does that concern you?

KING: I am generally concerned about, you know, the Russians' approach to this. But I am -- I am not that confident. Again, I have no idea if this report is true or not. But I'm not surprised to hear it, that the Russians have a heavy-handed approach to security but often can let the smaller things get by.

COOPER: And last week you and I talked, and you said you wouldn't go to the games or have your family go to the games. That still hold true?

KING: Yes, it does. I don't want to be spreading panic. I mean, odds are still on there's not going to be an attack. But the odds are higher that there will be an attack in this game than there have been for any of the other previous games in our memory. So that's really the point that I'm making, that there's far more chance of an attack here than there was in London or China or Greece.

And you add to that the location and the fact that again I emphasize we're not getting full cooperation from the Russians, to me it's just not worth the risk to go.

COOPER: Has the cooperation gotten any better, what, since you and I talked last week or is it still the same?

KING: My understanding it's gotten slightly better. But still it's not at the level it was with the Chinese or the Brits or the Greeks.

COOPER: All right. Peter King -- Congressman, I appreciate it. Thank you.

KING: Anderson, thank you.


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