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Kingston Supports Agriculture Reform in Farm Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) voted to support the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act in the House.

"After a long struggle, we finally have a new five year farm bill. This accomplishment means a lot to South Georgia," said Kingston.

Legislation reforms a number of commodity programs. It saves taxpayers $16.6 billion over existing policy. Much of these savings will be achieved within the first year. South Georgia agriculture groups-especially peanuts, fruit and vegetables, forestry, and cotton-will benefit significantly from having updated farm policy locked down for the next several years. Specialty crops will benefit because this bill reforms the State Block Grant program to give State Departments of Agriculture and local farmers more control over projects.

Taxpayers across the US will see savings because this farm bill repeals direct payments, caps subsidies to wealthy farmers, prevents people from receiving food stamp benefits in multiple states, and prohibits the USDA from advertising on TV or radio and in partnership with foreign governments.

Kingston states: "While the bill does not trim the food stamp program as much as I would prefer, it does cut over 8 billion dollars and strengthens restrictions, making it harder to abuse the program."

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