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CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript - Olympic Games Security


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BLITZER: Stand by far moment, governor. We have a lot more to discuss, but Representative Peter King of the House Homeland Security Committee, he's chairman of the subcommittee on terrorism and intelligence, he's getting briefed on what is going on. Representative King, thanks very much for joining us.


BLITZER: We're all disturbed, worried about toothpaste containers or cosmetics containers potentially carrying explosives going to Sochi right now, this, on the eve of the winter Olympic Games. I know you've been briefed on this. What's going on?

KING: Wolf, I can't go into details as to what I was briefed on. I would just say this is the type of threat, though, that we're very concerned about. Americans should take it very seriously. The airlines should take it seriously. Obviously, the people at the Olympics should take it seriously. But this is the type of threat that is very concerning to us.

I can't go into the detail, but I can tell you that our intelligence people are working on issues such as this around the clock and also working with other partners around the world.

BLITZER: You have confidence in what the Russians are doing?

KING: I have some confidence in what the Russians are doing but really not enough because they are not sharing enough intelligence or virtually any intelligence with us as to what's happening within Russia. They're afraid that somehow we will use that to our advantage. We are getting some information about what's happening outside of Russia, some external threats, that type thing, or potential threats.

I don't want to overstate that. But we have a very close relationship with our allies other than the Russians, but the Russians, for instance, are cooperating nowhere nearly as much as the British did, the Chinese did, the Greeks did. So, it's not near that level of cooperation, no.

BLITZER: Let's say there's a toothpaste -- a container of toothpaste and it has explosives in it. What kind of damage could that do to a plane?

KING: Well, any type of explosive, concealed explosive, can be extremely damaging. It could be enough to bring a plane down. But again, any type of explosive on a plane is of great concern to us.

BLITZER: So, I guess, the key question, are the athletes safe right now, the American spectator, the family members, the fans, all of the guests who are going to Sochi in the next -- are they safe?

KING: I would say that they are reasonably safe, but I would not go myself. If I'm an athlete, that's one thing. But just as a spectator, I don't think it's worth the risk. I mean, odds are nothing is going to happen, but the odds are higher than for any other Olympics I believe that something could happen.

And, you know, the Olympic site itself probably is locked down pretty well. There is that ring of steel right around the Olympics, itself. But getting there and the surrounding areas, I would say there's real cause for concern.

BLITZER: Yes. I was disturbed the other day the chairman of your committee, Mike McCaul, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he wouldn't go. He wouldn't want his family members to go. So, he's obviously been briefed on what's going on, so as have you. Congressman Peter King, thanks very much for joining us.

KING: Wolf, thank you. Say hello to the governor for me.


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