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Swalwell Leads Statement from United Solutions Caucus Members Supporting Ryan/Murray Budget

In advance of what is expected to be a close vote, U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell (CA -15) coordinated the following statement signed by 13 Members of the bipartisan, first-year United Solutions Caucus announcing support for the Ryan/Murray two-year budget agreement:

We the undersigned, as Members of the bipartisan United Solutions Caucus, support the bipartisan budget agreement announced late yesterday by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, and we urge its rapid passage.

By joining the United Solutions Caucus, we have all shown ourselves to be first-term Members who are committed to working across the aisle to help move our country forward. The Ryan/Murray budget is consistent with that approach.

Passing this budget agreement will provide citizens and businesses certainty about federal spending for the next two fiscal years, a sense sorely lacking of late. It also would partially repeal certain budget cuts, known as the sequester, and replaces them with adjustments in other parts of the government. All of this is done while still reducing our long-term deficit.

No agreement is perfect and there are aspects of the Ryan/Murray budget with which all of us disagree. But, that is what legislating in Congress is all about -- cooperating to achieve an agreement which on balance would improve the lives of the American people. We encourage all Members to support this budget and help us take this step forward, together, in getting our fiscal house in order.

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