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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Investing in Delaware's Future


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The essence of the American dream is that while we are not guaranteed equal outcomes, we are guaranteed equal opportunities to achieve our potential. We can make those opportunities a reality for all of us by building a budget that reflects our values.

The budget my administration presented this week adheres to the value of fiscal responsibility, continuing an approach that has earned our triple-A credit rating by using only 98 percent of available revenues and sustaining our rainy day fund. At the same time we must invest in areas we know are critical to creating economic opportunity now and for generations to come. The budget funds innovative education and job training to strengthen our workforce; research that spurs innovation and economic development; stronger transportation and water infrastructure that's necessary for our businesses' success and a high quality of life for all of our people; and programs to give our most vulnerable citizens a better chance. Making those necessary investments requires hard choices, including a mix of cuts and new revenues to support our priorities. I hope you will take the opportunity to review these proposals on my website.

If we're going to have a lasting impact in creating opportunities for our fellow citizens, we must take the same challenge President Kennedy issued in Delaware just over 50 years ago when he dedicated the new highway running from Wilmington to Baltimore. He recognized that the highway was created because of a commitment made years earlier. And he called on Americans to "begin things which will make this country a better place to live in for the rest of this century." By strengthening our infrastructure, spurring innovation, and supporting a quality workforce, we'll build on the things that make our state a better place and we'll keep Delaware moving forward.

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