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House Judiciary Committee Approves Patent Reform Bill


Location: Washington, DC

The House Judiciary Committee today approved the Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) by an overwhelming vote of 33-5. This bipartisan bill takes steps to combat the ever increasing problem of abusive patent litigation. The legislation addresses abusive practices taking place in our courts.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman and chief sponsor of the Innovation Act Bob Goodlatte praised today's Committee vote:

"Abusive patent litigation is having a significant impact on American innovation, needlessly costing small and large businesses alike tens of billions of dollars every year -- resources that could have been used to create innovative new products and services.

"Today's Judiciary Committee passage of the Innovation Act takes a pivotal step toward eliminating the abuses of our patent system by discouraging these frivolous patent lawsuits. The Innovation Act contains needed reforms to address the issues that businesses of all sizes and industries face from patent troll-type behavior, while keeping in mind several key principles, including targeting abusive behavior rather than specific entities, preserving valid patent enforcement tools, preserving patent property rights, promoting invention by independents and small businesses, and strengthening the overall patent system.

"This legislation will help fuel the engine of American innovation and creativity, help create new jobs and grow our economy."House Judiciary Committee Approves Patent Reform Bill

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