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WSLS 10: Goodlatte Doubtful over Iranian Nuclear Deal


Location: Unknown

By Bob Goodlatte

A local congressman joins others on both sides of the political aisle, in questioning the Iran nuclear deal announced over the weekend.

The deal offers Iran some relief from economic sanctions and the ability to keep some of its nuclear program in exchange for not increasing its nuclear capabilities and allowing international inspections.

I spoke with Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte today who says he believes the deal is not in the best interest of the USA, saying the democrat-brokered deal doesn't provide for enough verification.

"I am very concerned about the fact that Iran, which has shown a determination to build nuclear weapons for a long time, needs two things -- money and time and they get both things with this deal. And we do not get a full verification process where we can go to any facility anywhere in Iran where we suspect there is nuclear enrichment bomb making activity taking place. And instead, what we wind up with is a situation where we have to trust them some anyway. I agree with the Prime Minister of Israel who called this a historic mistake," said Goodlatte.

The agreement, which was reached Sunday night, is popular in Iran, but not in Israel, where the prime minister has been highly critical and says the deal does not go far enough to disarm Iran's military nuclear capability.

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