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Smith Responds to State of the Union Add


Location: Unknown

Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21) today responded to the President's comments during the State of the Union Address.

"Our economy can only grow if we work together to lower taxes, limit burdensome regulations, cut spending and reduce the national debt. Instead, the Obama Administration has pursued a partisan agenda that ignores what's best for hardworking American families.

"This is the wrong time to raise the minimum wage and make it more expensive for employers to hire workers. The economy is still weak and there are three unemployed Americans for every job opening. Let's focus on getting Americans back to work.

"The President's immigration policies are anti-American since they help non-citizens but hurt U.S. citizens. The President wants to give work permits to millions of illegal immigrants who then will compete with unemployed Americans for scarce jobs. Ten million Americans are unemployed and millions more have given up looking for work --we should put them first."

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