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Roskam: What's Next on Obamacare?


Location: West Chicago, IL

Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R-IL) released the following statement in response to President Obama's end of year press conference today, where the president discussed the Administration's decision to ease requirements on the health care law's individual mandate:

"Earlier today the Obama Administration announced a major change to the healthcare law in a Friday news dump just before a holiday. For people like Diane from Hoffman Estates, my constituent who had her insurance plan cancelled in October, this now the third time the Administration has thrown her healthcare into uncertainty with little warning or explanation. First when she found out she couldn't keep the plan she had and liked, then when the president announced the so-called Administrative fix on behalf of insurers, and today the White House loosened the individual mandate. Diane and millions of others are left asking "What's next?'

"Americans are losing what little faith they have left because the White House is continuing its smoke and mirrors strategy when they have to make bad news about Obamacare public. And what's worse, when these announcements come--be it by leak or blog post--Americans never know if we're getting the full story, or if another key part of the law will change tomorrow. The Administration needs to come clean to the public on the full picture of Obamacare: what challenges remain and how individuals will be impacted. If the full mess of Obamacare could be revealed, then perhaps my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would join Republicans who for years have been warning about the dangers of this flawed law, and work to repeal it and start over with a healthcare reform that truly lowers costs, increases access and doesn't put the federal government in charge of individuals' healthcare decisions."

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