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ObamaCare Ads

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, we all know that this administration is desperate to enroll young, healthy Americans in new exchange plans.

A recent ad campaign from Progress Now Colorado shows just how low some groups are willing to go to catch young people's attention. The ads depict young men drinking right out of kegs of beer and objectifying young women. They try to encourage people to sign up for health care by making light of unhealthy behaviors.

I recently received a letter from Dr. Julie Welch, which I'll submit for the Record, an emergency room physician in Indianapolis, specifically concerned about how the ads promoted risky sexual behavior. The ``Let's Get Physical'' ad depicts a young woman thanking Obamacare for the words ``for providing birth control pills.'' Dr. Welch writes ``As a taxpayer, I am puzzled at why advertising campaigns for health insurance appear to promote high-risk behaviors.''

Promoting health coverage by condoning binge drinking and promiscuity is not a step toward a healthier America. What good is it to enroll young people in plans if their actions make them unhealthy?

It's just another way that Obamacare just doesn't work.


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