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Kingston Unveils American Renewal Initiative

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) today unveiled the American Renewal Initiative, a six-point agenda by which he hopes to unify the country.

Kingston likens the initiative to the Contract with America that gave the House a defining agenda.

"Today, Washington gets wrapped up in the crisis of the moment rather than addressing the challenges facing our country," Kingston said. "The American Renewal Initiative is a set of priorities around which we can all unify. It gives us a clear path to renew the country and put us on a better footing for the future."

The six tenets of the American Renewal Agenda include:

Restoring National Security: Peace Through Strength
Boosting Private Sector Job Creation
Reducing Our National Debt
Achieving American Energy Independence and Development
Enabling Work Over Welfare
Accomplishing Tax Simplification

Kingston has outlined specific legislative proposals for each item and hopes to expand on them before presenting his plan to House Speaker John Boehner. He invites the public to weigh in by visiting

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