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Public Statements

Opposition to UNESCO Funding

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I stand in strong opposition to attempts in the omnibus budget bill to restore any U.S. funding to UNESCO, a corrupt entity that is an extension of an anti-America, anti-Israel U.N. agenda.

UNESCO is attempting to pull a bait and switch on the American public. It says that it will use our constituents' money on World Heritage sites in our districts, but what it really wants is to use the funds that it lost when it admitted Palestine to its club.

UNESCO knew what would happen to it if it admitted Palestine, but the agency counted on this administration to give it the money anyway. Not only is money fungible, Mr. Speaker, but studies indicate that there is no guarantee that this designation of World Heritage site is beneficial to the local economy.

Taxpayer money for UNESCO is included in next week's omnibus budget bill. UNESCO must not receive a dime unless it reverses its decision on Palestine. I urge my colleagues to see through this guise and to continue to support American principles and U.S. law.

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