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Governor Scott Walker Signs Senate Bill 475


Location: Madison, WI

Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 475 today affecting the timing of eligibility changes to BadgerCare Plus and released the following statement:

Faced with the limited choices presented to us under the Affordable Care Act, we developed a uniquely Wisconsin plan eliminating waiting lists and enrollment caps for our state's most vulnerable to access health care through Medicaid. In addition, in 2014, Wisconsin will have no coverage gap. This bill will allow us to continue to implement our plan to ensure that no Wisconsin citizens fall through the cracks and can make a logical transition.

The changes to BadgerCare Plus eligibility will now go into effect on February 1, 2014 for all new parent and caretaker applicants. Also beginning February 1, Wisconsin is now required to complete a Modified Adjusted Gross Income-based determination for any existing BadgerCare Plus members who lose eligibility. Parent or caretaker relatives, who apply prior to February 1, will be enrolled using current income limits and benefits.

The Department of Health Services has sent a letter to individuals identified to be among those transitioning to the federal exchange, allowing people the opportunity to see if they can remain enrolled in BadgerCare Plus after March 31, 2014, by filling out a new tax filer form. Additionally, new applicants, who are children or pregnant with incomes between 200 percent and 300 percent of the federal poverty level, will receive the standard Medicaid benefits rather than the Benchmark Level, as was scheduled to occur on April 1, 2014.

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