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Governor Christie: The Strength Of This State Is The Heart Of Its People


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Christie: When we were recovering, in the initial stages of the recovery from this, one of the things that the FEMA folks asked us about that was an anomaly, was that there was not more requests for temporary housing. They said, you know, kind of proportionately there's not as many requests for temporary housing as we've seen in other disasters. Why is that? And I explained to them that because this is New Jersey, and everybody here has family here. Everybody here has good friends here. This is not a transient state of people who don't have deep roots, and so a lot of people didn't need temporary housing because they moved in with their sister or brother, or their mother or father, or their aunt or uncle, or their son or daughter, because New Jersey families would never think, if they could possibly avoid it, of allowing a loved one to not be near loved ones during devastating times. The strength of this state is the heart and the common sense of its people. I've learned that a lot over the last four years as Governor, a lot.

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