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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript: New Jersey Port Authority Scandal


Location: Fort Lee, NJ



SCHULTZ: Your response to what you heard the governor say today about the
state of the state.

HUTTLE: Well, you know, first of he started, he state the state with
saying mistakes were made and that he would cooperate with all inquiries
which certainly is the step in the right direction. And I think it`s
unprecedented for this legislative session to call a special session, the
very next day, after we are all -- we organize to form a special committee.
And quite frankly, the state of state address, he was a little bit more
humble. I don`t see the anger still with him.

Mistakes were made. He doesn`t seem angry about it. I think that there is
-- whether he`s still in the denial stage, but I want to see that anger
stage. And I believe that we need to get to the bottom of it and more and
more phases certainly are coming out of the wood work of those people that
are involved.

SCHULTZ: Your constituents characterized their attitude on this.

HUTTLE: Yeah. I`m sorry.

SCHULTZ: Your constituents -- if you could just give us a flavor of what
you`re hearing from your constituents there in Bergen County where this all

HUTTLE: They -- well, first of all, they all feel that lives are put in
danger. There was a misuse of public trust. What we`re hearing,
obviously, we`ve heard again, I mean, to repeat it that, you know, the
peoples` lives were in danger, EMTs couldn`t get to places. But, you know,
it`s not just courtly -- I represent courtly in the 37 districts. Every


HUTTLE: . was hampered by traffic jam. So, what I`m hearing people think
is more to the story when we don`t get answers and we continue to raise
these questions which we have been raising for months. It really raises
the height of suspicion.

SCHULTZ: Do you think the governor went far enough today. I mean, I hold
a press -- I held a press conference last week and talk for two hours on
this. But today, he said, these are the mistakes and then went on.

HUTTLE: You know, this governor is the master of destruction and what I
found today to be was he did not want to be distracted by this. He
apologized in the beginning. He said he will cooperate and then went right
on to his policies. So, when we talk about the man to destruction, he
certainly wants to focus on policy which of course we need to do for this
state. But, on the other hand, we need to get this committee organized and
we need to get the answers to these questions and I think there is more to


HUTTLE: Certainly there is more to it than what we -- than what we`re

SCHULTZ: To your knowledge, subpoenas tomorrow were coming out?

HUTTLE: Thursday.


HUTTLE: Yes, on Thursday, we will have legal council advising us. The
committee is in formation. I am a member of that committee as they will --
it will be a bipartisan committee which what we are calling for. And
hopefully, we will get the facts and we will get the answers that people

SCHULTZ: All right. Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle with us here on the Ed
Show. I appreciate your time tonight. Thank you so much.


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