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Gov. Heineman and Mayors Stothert & Beutler Announce Partnership Accelerating Highway Maintenance

Press Release

Location: Lincoln, NE

Today, Gov. Dave Heineman, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert and Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler announced increased and accelerated maintenance projects on state highways in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. The Governor announced $11.5 million for roads projects in various communities, based on project readiness.

"Partnerships between the State of Nebraska and our cities are very important. Coordination is the best way to serve our citizens," said Gov. Heineman. "In collaboration with cities, needed highway repair work can be accelerated, benefiting residents, commuters, tourists, freight haulers and travelers."

"For the second time in six months, Gov. Heineman has awarded significant money to resurface busy state highways in Omaha," said Mayor Stothert. "This partnership with the state allows us to complete these major projects and use city funds to increase the number of neighborhood street repair projects. Taxpayers expect and deserve good streets and thanks to Governor Heineman, we are catching up on years of neglect."

"Repairing and maintaining infrastructure is one of our top priorities in Lincoln, and State funding helps us stretch our local resources for City streets," said Mayor Beutler. "The State has already invested about $3.1 million to improve the highway system in our City. We appreciate this additional funding for 2015, which brings the total State highway funding to $5.6 million for the Capital City."

In 2013, the Nebraska Department of Roads identified certain highway maintenance projects that communities, including Omaha and Lincoln, could help to restore. Over the past year, $21 million of cost savings were realized between engineering project estimates and the actual bid prices for state highway construction work. A portion of these $21 million of funds were allocated for various maintenance projects in 2013 in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. Cities and projects were identified based on project readiness. The projects funded in 2013 in Omaha have been completed, and the remaining Lincoln projects expected to be completed this year, weather permitting.

For fiscal year 2015, the state is allocating the remaining $11.5 million in funds to Omaha, Lincoln, Papillion, North Platte and Aurora. Under the funding-based partnership agreements for fiscal year 2015, $6.0 million will be used to repair and maintain state highways through Omaha; and $2.5 million will be used in and around Lincoln. Additionally, Papillion will receive $1.5 million, North Platte will receive $1.1 million and Aurora will receive $400,000.

"The projects that will be funded have been carefully selected with information and data provided by the Nebraska Pavement Management System," said Randy Peters, Director of the Nebraska Department of Roads. "The selected projects must be on the state highway system, in need of repair and ready for construction in relatively quick order."

Projects include:

US-6 (Dodge St.), 68th St. to 84th St.
US-6 (Dodge St.), 12th St. to 22nd St.
Link-28K (Military Ave.), 64th St. to 66th St.
US-6 (West Dodge Rd.), 84th St. to 102nd St.
US-6 (Dodge St.), 62nd St. to 68th St.
US-6 (Dodge St.), Farnam to Happy Hollow Blvd.
US-6 (Dodge St.), Turner Blvd. to 22nd St.
N-133 (90th St.), Dodge St. to Embassy Dr.
Link-28K (Military Ave.), 66th St. to 72nd St.
Link-28K (Military Ave.), Westbound 72nd St. to Fort St.
Link-28K (Military Ave.), Eastbound 78th St. to Fort St.

Hwy. 2, S. 56th St. to S. 84th St.
Hwy. 34 (N 10th St.), O St. to R St.
Hwy. 6 (Cornhusker Hwy.), N. 48th St. to N. 52nd St.
Hwy. 34 (E. O St.), N. 9th St. to Centennial Mall
Hwy. 6 (W. O St.), Sun Valley Blvd. to west City Limits

Papillion: N-85 (Washington St.), Cedardale Rd. to Giles Rd.

Aurora: N-14 to north of US-34

North Platte: Hwy. 30, Mills Ave. to Sycamore St.

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