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Governor Patrick Delivers Remarks at Inauguration of Mayor Walsh

Location: Unknown

Senator Warren, Senator Markey and Members of the Congressional Delegation;

Fellow Constitutional Officers;

Mr. Speaker, Madame President and Members of the Legislature;

Cardinal O'Malley, Father Leahy and other reverend clergy;

Members of the City Council, elected and appointed officials, and most especially;

Citizens of the City of Boston,

It is a distinct honor and great pleasure for me to join you this morning to offer the welcome and the best wishes of the people of the Commonwealth to Mayor-elect Walsh on the day of your inauguration. This is a day of new beginnings, of new challenges and new opportunities, of adventures foreseen and unforeseen. It is the day towards which you have worked and for which you have prepared. It is a day filled with celebration and anticipation.

And if experience serves, Your Honor, you won't remember any of it. The day of my first inauguration, like the day of my wedding, is a blur. I suspect it will be also for you. Most of all, you won't remember precisely the moment when your jokes became so funny, when you became so photogenic, or when you were expected to have an opinion on everything.

My advice to you, if I may, is to hold on to why you wanted this job in the first place, and to whom it matters most -- the people who look to you to make a neighborhood safe and livable and affordable; to help a small business get up and going; to make the schools work; the people who look to you for a reason to hope, counting on you to see their second chances, just as you have lived your own. Not the powerful people only, but also the powerless, the strivers and seekers who make this good city great.

I think those people have placed their trust in a good, kind and caring man, and dedicated public servant. And I look forward to being your partner, Mr. Mayor, in the good work you will do.

God bless you and all the people of Boston. And good luck.

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