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Governor McCrory Says Education Plan Will Be Built on Results, Rewards and Respect

Press Release

Location: Raleigh, NC

Governor Pat McCrory offered a preview of his education initiatives that he said are being built on delivering high academic results for students and rewarding and respecting the state's teachers.

The governor gave the preview to a bipartisan crowd of state lawmakers, educators and community leaders attending Monday's Holshouser Legislators Retreat in Greensboro hosted by the Hunt Institute. More details of the plan will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Governor McCrory is working with legislative leaders and his Senior Education Advisor Eric Guckian on a comprehensive plan to raise teacher compensation. He noted that while there is broad support for raising teacher pay, he and other leaders are working to build consensus on the best approach to deliver those raises.

"That's going to be the real debate among us all, is how to best implement and execute more pay and more compensation for teachers," he told the audience.

In addition, Governor McCrory said his team is working with legislators, the State Board of Education and his Teacher Advisory Committee to develop career plans for high-performing teachers that will enable them to earn higher pay and stay in the classroom. He said the current pay structure forces teachers, in search of higher compensation, to become administrators.

"We ought to have an opportunity for teachers to be some of the highest paid employees at a school. It doesn't always have to be the principal," Governor McCrory said.

During the speech, the governor also covered vocational training, digital learning and technology.

The retreat continues today and is sponsored by the Hunt Institute. Former Governor Jim Hunt praised Governor McCrory for reviving the Education Cabinet and giving teachers a voice through the Teacher Advisory Committee.

Governor McCrory told the audience education is a bipartisan issue and by working together, North Carolina can become the best state in the Southeast for a student to learn and a teacher to teach.

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