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Chairman McKeon Statement on al-Qaeda in Iraq


Location: Washington, DC

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon made the following statement today about recent developments in Iraq:

"I am dismayed by Secretary Kerry's dismissal of the threat from al-Qaeda as "Iraq's battle to fight'. It took two bloody battles to liberate Fallujah. Many U.S., British, and Iraqi forces -- Sunni and Shia - lost their lives to secure that city. When our allies fight al-Qaeda for us, and the United States sits on the sidelines, not only do our allies notice, but so do our adversaries. I note that Iran has already jumped in with offers of assistance. When terrorism is allowed to flourish abroad, when the specter of insurgency haunts democratic nations, our own security suffers.

"Secretary Kerry and the Obama Administration must recognize that in spite of their desire to wish the threat away, al-Qaeda has metastasized and remains a shared threat. I urge the Administration to demonstrate a full commitment in support of an ally fighting a common enemy."

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