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NBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript -


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SCHULTZ: So, everybody who goes beyond 99 weeks are up to it are all
black. Give me a break senator. You are so out of touch with where this
country is. All you have to do is listen to liberal talk radio and you`ll
hear people call in saying, I went back to Community College. I got an
MBA. Now, they`re telling me I`m over qualified. I`ve been looking for
job for a year and a half. It`s one turn down after another and there`s so
many applicants.

Rand Paul couldn`t be more wrong. Unemployment insurance helps people
find jobs. It`s an easy way to find the job. You know, it`s easy to find
a job when you`re in your home as opposed of being out on the street. We
should also point out to Rand Paul that the nonpartisan congressional
budget office is extending unemployment benefits would help the economy.
Another report, report assistance from the White House shows extending
unemployment benefits would save 240,000 jobs in this country.

Extending unemployment insurance should be a no brainer for Congress.
Democrats need to stand up and they need to vote no on this budget even if
it hurts because the Republicans aren`t bringing anything to the table.

They are giving up nothing to get this done. They are giving up nothing to
get this done. They are giving up nothing to get this done. I`m sorry,
I`m kind of stuck right here.

Bottom line here folks is that there`s no new revenue on the table.
There is election protection. There is circus protection. And they can go
home and just tell people that well, we didn`t raise your taxes and of
course that has a big influence on people. Oh by the way, we have private
sector job growth and the reason why we`ve had private sector job growth is
because I was involved in cutting the budget. That`s what we got out of
this. This is a grand bargain for the Republicans. The Democrats need to
get some intestinal fortitude on this and I believe that they should vote

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. Do you think Republicans want to eliminate unemployment
insurance all together? Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622. You can
always go to our blog at We`ll bring you the results later
on in this show.

For more, let me bring in a couple of Congressional members. I don`t
know how they`re going to vote. It`s up to them of course. I hope they
vote no. Congressman Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania and also
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Great to have both of you with


SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Jackson-Lee, why wasn`t there a bigger flight
from democrats to include the unemployment extensions?

JACKSON LEE: It was a big fight Ed. It was a big fight. We went
into the rules committee yesterday with a very important amendment that was
paid for. The Van Hollen Amendment with other members joining in on it and
the sneakiness of the rules committee, the upside down process of the rules
committee in which Republicans are the majority fix the doctor fixed --
help the doctors which by the way help seniors. So, I`m not fighting the

And sneakily, if I might, eliminate it and would not allow the
amendment of that would help in this emergency crisis situation that we`re
in help the 1.3 million Americans pick 200,000 in 20,000-40,000 jobs.
68,000 people in Texas and going in 2014, almost 2 million uninsured. We
have the amendment. The fight was there. But the Republicans basically
decided to vote against the people who they don`t really add to their

SCHULTZ: So where does that bring -- where is that bringing your vote

JACKSON LEE: Where that brings me tonight is which I said on the
floor of the House during the rules committee, excuse me, during the rules
debate is that we should not go home. We can cast to vote yay or nay and
maybe a symbolic vote tonight. There is nothing in the bill that would
provide for unemployment insurance. We should not go home. The amendment
that was rejected yesterday should be a free standing amendment on the
Florida House tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and
then go to the Senate and we should make sure we get this done before we go
out of here.

So what my proposal is, is that we do not go home, that we come back,
it is also to ask the President to take leadership and to call the Senate
and indicate that this is in essence putting people out on the street. It
is putting 2 million children out on the street.


JACKSON LEE: I want action. I don`t want symbolism. So my answer is
let`s get to work and get that amendment as a.


JACKSON LEE: . free-standing bill to vote for.

SCHULTZ: So, I`m hearing that you would vote yes on this budget if --
that you can get a commitment that they`ll stay on Washington and work for
the unemployed to get something else done.

JACKSON LEE: If to undo this budget, I can get the unemployment
insurance in. I`ll look at it that way.


JACKSON LEE: If it does not do that, then I want a free standing vote
now before we go home or call us back into work.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman Cartwright, where do you stand on this?
What do you see on the mix right now?

wholeheartedly with the gentle lady from Texas. A free standing vote on
the extension of the unemployment insurance is absolutely essential. It`s
why I voted absolutely no on the rule as splitting that off. We have no
business leaving Washington D.C. because when we leave, we`re leaving for a
holiday break, a Christmas break. And on December 28, we`re cutting 1.3
million Americans off of unemployment insurance. And we`re -- in
Pennsylvania alone, we`re talking about.


CARTWRIGHT: . 87,000 Pennsylvanian`s and then it goes into next year.
We`re talking about another 3.5 million Americans.


CARTWRIGHT: . over the course of next year.

SCHULTZ: So, you`re trying to find a way to help the unemployment but
you two will vote yes for this, correct? You`ll vote for this budget that
doesn`t have any loop holes closed, doesn`t have any new revenue,
whatsoever and it also guarantees that their fringe group will be
threatening a shutdown for the next two years.

CARTWRIGHT: Well, that`s right. We -- the danger of a shutdown is worse
but it -- remember, we`re going to keep talking. If you don`t think folks
like Sheila Jackson Lee and Matt Cartwright are going to keep their voices
raised about protecting the uninsured. You got another thing coming.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s very true.


SCHULTZ: . but the fact is that if you kept talking for healthcare
and John Boehner voted 45 times to get it out of the law and to repeal it.
So, how can you trust the Republicans on this budget deal?

CARTWRIGHT: And that`s a basic problem is you can`t trust them on
this because they don`t understand the big picture when we talk about how
this are real Americans that are out looking for work, that aren`t just
slacking, and they don`t share that. They don`t share our values Ed. They
think about the 300 lousy dollars that people get and they think they`re
living high off the hog on that. It just isn`t so. And when you say
240,000 jobs will be lost because of the failure to extend this, it`s
because that`s money that goes right back into the economy.

SCHULTZ: Exactly.

CARTWRIGHT: .is not going into their brokerage account.

SCHULTZ: And Congresswoman what did the Republicans give up here?
What are they bringing to the table?

JACKSON LEE: Well, first of all let me say I want to join with my
good friend to say back to you Ed. First of all, thank you for the fight.
I`m not even going to say for the passion, for the fight and say to you
that no, we`re not stepping away from this.

Frankly, I`m angry. I`m unhappy. But I will say to you that the
Democrats and others are frustrated by government shutdowns and frustrated
by inaction.

If Democrats can contribute in a small measure, to getting us moving
forward and then keep the fight going. And I don`t want this to be a
symbolic fight. I want to do what you want us to do.

I want to get this uninsured moving forward for people to be able to
have the uninsurance -- excuse me, their insurance continued for the
unemployed which by the way is not a hand out these people have worked.


JACKSON LEE: And I was on the floor of the house when the budget
debate begun. And I don`t like the words of my good friend, the chairman
of the budget committee, when one of the points that yes we want the
Democrats guy. One of the point was made, we`ve stopped the criminals from
getting unemployment insurance. Obviously, that`s going to cause to roll
up our sleeves even more.

SCHULTZ: Well, it is not only the unemployment insurance. There`s no
job creation. There is no big infrastructure investment here, whatsoever.

JACKSON LEE: Well, you`re right. But let me just say this Ed, as you
well know, one of the most dastardly aspects of the deal that we make in
2010, 2011 on the so called sequestration was sequester. It is devastating
for child care dollars, for housing dollars, for health care dollars, and
to move that out.

SCHULTZ: But congresswoman, don`t you think that`s a fight that you
can win at home with your constituents? But look what the Republicans are
doing, they want to shutdown the government. They want to hurt the
unemployed. They got corporate profits through the roof. They`re after

I mean I just think that there are so much to Democrats have. You got
the healthcare law that is really starting to work now with the website.
And now the Republicans go home, no new taxes, loop holes not closed, no
shutdown, they`ve got election protection.

Look, I respect both of you. I love the debate. I love the fight. I
know exactly where you heart is. But I just think that no vote is an order
here. Make these Republicans come back and bring something to the table.
They got nothing on the table right now.

JACKSON LEE: Well, I will tell you that we will not give up the
fight. We don`t know which way the vote will go. If the vote to take it
down is there to make sure that we have unemployment insurance, we`ll be

However, I believe our free standing vote Ed is what we need to get
right now to help these people.

SCHULTZ: Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman Matt
Cartwright, I appreciate the conversation and your time. Thank you so
much. I appreciate it.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen, share you thoughts on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook. I want
to know what you think, tell me on Twitter at Ed Show. What are the
Republicans bringing into the table in this deal, nothing.

Coming up a right wing radio host as the first amendment protects
Christians only, plus Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson tries to back track on
his comments on the Affordable Care Act.


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