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Congressman Cantor Discusses Budget Deal, Conservative Solutions On The Kudlow Report


Location: Washington, DC

Budget Deal Allows Us To Maintain Savings, Not Raise Taxes:
"I think the important piece to this deal, and yes it is a modest deal, is we maintain the savings of the sequester. Remember the sequester was in place because a supercommittee back two years ago failed to come up with an agreement. What this is, is an agreement on less than 10% of that sequester money -- that $1.2 trillion. The savings are maintained and what we've always said was we need the savings in the mandatory, the entitlement, the auto pilot spending arena. And the savings that are inside this budget deal really are primarily derived from reforms to the pension benefits for federal employees. This is the federal government finally trying to do what most responsible states are doing in dealing with their unfunded liabilities connected with their pensions…The reason why this deal allows us even a better path forward is it maintains the savings, but places those savings in areas, frankly, that are much smarter and so that we can go about the business of reassuming our role in setting budget priorities and continuing to ratchet down the wasteful spending here in Washington. "

House Trying To Afford More Opportunity By Promoting Growth:
"As far as I know, the President has not come forward with a serious plan of unemployment insurance, and meanwhile we in the House remain focus on how you grow the economy, how you get the unemployed back to work. That should be our focus. That is our focus in the House -- trying to afford more opportunity by promoting growth, because as we know upward mobility can only come from a growing economy."

Chairman Ryan's Bipartisan Agreement To Achieve Permanent Cuts:
"I want to say how proud I am of the hard work that Chairman Ryan put into this, his team, his committee, the Budget Committee who came to this agreement because we know, having been in divided government now since 2010, it's tough -- because we have a lot of disagreement on taxes, on fees, on health care, with this Administration, this President, and the Democrats in the Senate. So I think in working with Chairman Ryan, what the Speaker and I continued to advocate is -- our position has always been across the board, indiscriminate cuts; random, arbitrary cuts associated with the sequester were not as good as mandatory permanent cuts, if we could achieve those. You shouldn't be raising taxes, we've got a spending problem here in Washington. Yet, if the President would say ok, Republicans are for pro-growth policies, not for taking more of people's money, let's figure out what we can do to grow the economy in that lane."

Upward Mobility Can Only Come From Growing The Economy:
"The greatest challenge that this country has is to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to go and earn success. Upward mobility can only come first of all from growing this economy and second of all at the human level if people have the tools and the skills that they need to get up on that ladder of success. That is the aspirational optimism that our party is and should be about. We're going to be promoting solutions to real problems that people are having. When you think about an inner-city mom that has to wake up and send her child to a poor-performing skill. What does that child and their mom want more than anything? They want just an opportunity to go to a safe place to learn. I met a child like this in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago -- eleven years old. He doesn't know his mother, his father is in jail, his grandmother that's raising him, he just found out has cancer, but he has a vision -- he wants to go to college. Now that wouldn't have been the case if it weren't for Governor Jindal's conservative solution that said we should have the ability for kids like Brian to go to school and have a quality education. We're going to be talking about things that lift people up to then go about their lives in earning their success and getting ahead."

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