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Gun Safety Legislation

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I hold in my hand simple, one-page legislation, H.R. 3626, that passed on the floor of the House today by voice vote. Mr. Speaker, it was a gun bill. It was to extend and to ensure that undetectable firearms would be regulated so that plastic guns cannot pose a danger to law enforcement or the police.

Mr. Speaker, I wonder why we cannot come together to stop the kinds of killings at Sandy Hook and Aurora by passing universal background checks, or the bill that I introduced, which is a gun safety and storage bill. For the likes of a young man by the name of Braveon who died in the hands of strangers in my district 2 weeks ago, or the young man, 16 years old, who just was shot this past weekend in a local park, or two teenagers that died 3 or 4 weeks ago while 19 were shot at a house party, all using guns got on the underbelly of life. Not stopping stash houses, or keeping guns from going from one hand to another without a background check.

A simple bill was passed, Mr. Speaker. I ask: Is there any heart in this Congress to pass reasonable gun safety legislation to save the lives of our children and to stand against violence, gun violence? Enough is enough.

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