Keep Yor Health Plan Act of 2013

Floor Speech

By:  Marsha Blackburn
Date: Nov. 15, 2013
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. Speaker, I am pleased today to stand in support of the rule that will allow us to bring the Keep Your Health Plan Act to the floor.

It is important that we take this action today on H.R. 3350 because we have heard from the American people, from coast to coast, that they do not want the President's health care law. They do not like the President's health care law. They feel as if, and have realized that what is happening with this law is that, number one, it is restricting their choice and options when it comes to health insurance, and, number two, the cost is skyrocketing.

Now, we know that that is very important to our families who have chosen health plans that meet their needs--health savings accounts that allowed them to take individual responsibility for their health care, allowed them the opportunities for choosing doctors and physicians and keeping those doctors and physicians--and what the American people are telling us and our constituents are telling us is that they do, indeed, feel betrayed by the empty promises that the President and this administration have made.

They are also quite concerned about the botched Web site rollout; as I said, the insurance premiums; and, oh, those cancelation notices that are hitting the mailboxes of millions of Americans. They say, This is not what we bargained for. It is not what we were promised. It is not what we voted or spoke in favor of. And so they are asking us to take an action, and H.R. 3350 does take that action.

Now, Mr. Speaker, I want to go back to 2010 when we had a conference and the President was before us, and I asked him a question about the ability to keep plans and for individuals to stay insured. I spoke because of the experience we had had in my State of Tennessee with the test case for HillaryCare, which was called TennCare. We saw the effects of that. We knew it was the test case for a public option in health care; we knew it was too expensive to afford; and, overall, we knew it did not work.

In his response, the President mentioned a little bit about some stray cats and dogs and that he thought they had that cleaned up. But I have to tell you that our constituents and their policies are not stray cats and dogs, and they deserve to have the opportunity to keep their health care and not to be treated in a disrespectful manner or to be discarded to the sidelines.

So the President needs to realize he cannot go around waving a magic wand and fixing this by executive fiat. This is a law. We are a Nation of laws, and we abide by the rule of law. ObamaCare, the President's health care law, is the law of the land. In order to

provide relief to the American people who have clearly spoken to say they do not want this law, it requires an action of Congress.

Today's action will provide relief for some individuals--not as many as we would like, but it is one step in providing some relief. The American people have grown weary of this administration spending money that it does not have on programs the American people do not want. The President's health care law is a great example of a program that the American people do not want, so they have come to us as the people's representative and reminded us that we are a government of, by, and for the people that should be working for the people. And as one of my constituents told me Monday, we, the people, are going to start being the people and holding this administration and this Congress accountable. Today is one of those steps that we are taking on behalf of our constituents and the people of this great Nation.

I thank the gentleman from Texas for the exceptional work that he has done in working with Chairman Upton from Michigan in bringing this to the floor.


Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman for the superb job that he has done on bringing H.R. 3350 to the floor; and I thank him for listening to millions of Americans who have been so forthright in saying we do not want the President's health care law; it is destroying our access to the health care that we like; it is taking away our health care plans.

Never has there been a Federal mandate that has just swept so many people aside and said you must buy this product.

Some of you have asked, why are we doing this? Let me tell you why. We are doing it for my constituents like Carolyn and Lucy and Cindy and Wilma, all small business owners, all female heads of households, who have written us and have said we are being forced out--forced out--of the plan that we like, we are being forced away from the doctor that we like, we are being forced to buy a product we do not like.


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