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RSC Presses Obama Administration to Increase Iran Sanctions


Location: Washington, DC

The Republican Study Committee today pressed the Obama Administration to increase sanctions on Iran.

"A nuclear armed Iran is not only dangerous to America's national security, but it would also pose a serious threat to the future of our strong ally Israel," RSC Chairman Steve Scalise said. "Time and time again, Iran has proven it cannot be trusted, yet the Obama Administration stands poised to roll back existing sanctions that by all reports are working. That's not only naive and dangerous, it also seriously jeopardizes the US-Israel relationship. In order to continue holding Iran accountable, it's vital that we take steps to impose tougher sanctions on Iran until they verifiably dismantle their nuclear enrichment facilities.

"Israel is our strongest ally and most trusted friend in the region, and before taking any action, President Obama would do well to consult with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has called any waiving of sanctions 'very, very bad' and 'the deal of the century' for Iran. It is time for the Senate to join with us in standing strong against a nuclear armed Iran by taking up the bill passed by the House to increase sanctions."

The House passed H.R. 850, a bill to increase sanctions on Iran, at the end of July by an overwhelming vote of 400 -- 20.

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