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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, my constituents are asking a simple question, and the question they are asking the White House is: Can you hear us now, and do you understand this frustration that we feel?

I have got a constituent, Mr. Speaker, Diane, who got this letter from her insurance, Medicare, with these couple of sentences:

Effective January 1, all plans must be compliant with the new health care law; therefore, the insurance company plan you have now will no longer be available after December 31.

What happened to Diane? A plan that she liked, a plan that she was satisfied with as an 11-year cancer survivor, a plan that she could afford now was taken away based on ObamaCare, and she was ``migrated'' into ObamaCare, and her premium was nearly doubling.

What does Diane have to say about President Obama's offer to fix this? She said this:

I want to see legislation passed to fix this problem, legislation I can trust. I don't want an administrative trust. I don't trust that to anyone.

We need to fix this. We need to pass this legislation.

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