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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, yesterday, the President said something interesting when describing the attempt of his administration to have an impact, and when describing his frustration with the Federal Government, he described it this way. He said, It is cumbersome, complicated, and outdated.

Well, isn't that an interesting revelation?

Isn't that a stark contrast with the private sector?

Wouldn't it have been helpful if the President had recognized that during the entire debate on ObamaCare, because here is the irony, and it is a dark, sad irony, and it is this.

I have a constituent named Diane whose coverage has jumped from $368 a month, and it has almost doubled. She was told her coverage is gone, based on ObamaCare, and she is being migrated into a new system. This is an 11-year breast cancer survivor that liked her coverage and no longer has it.

She doesn't want an administrative remedy. She wants a legislative remedy. She has confidence in this House to get it done, not the White House to get it done.

We need to do this work. We need to pass the Upton bill today.

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