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Statement from Governor Hassan on Senate Republicans' Action to Block Medicaid Expansion


Location: Concord, NH

After a vote today by Senate Republicans to block Medicaid expansion, Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement:

"Today, members of the Senate Republican caucus let down the people of New Hampshire by refusing to compromise to develop a health care expansion plan that would actually work. Their refusal to discuss workable plans to allow New Hampshire to accept $2.4 billion in federal funds to provide critical health coverage to more than 50,000 hard-working people undermines the health and economic well-being of our families and businesses."

"We offered Senate Republican leadership nearly everything they asked for; all we wanted was a plan that would actually work from day one and for the long term. But Senate Republicans refused to budge, putting ideology first and the people of New Hampshire second.

"Because Senate Republicans have blocked health care expansion, beginning January 1, thousands will continue to go without the health coverage they need and the State of New Hampshire will be losing at least half-a-million dollars per day that we can never recover. That is unacceptable.

"I will continue to stand with the hard-working men and women of New Hampshire by fighting to accept these federal funds for health care expansion. I am ready and willing to work every day with any legislator who actually wants to negotiate in good faith toward a compromise that will work and will provide health coverage without leaving our families out in the cold.

"Our providers are ready for expanded health coverage, our businesses are ready, our people are ready, and I am ready. We will keep working and there will be more votes. I hope that at some point, a few Senate Republicans will set ideology aside and step forward to do what is right. Until then, it is the people who are hurt, and it is the people whom Senators must answer to."

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