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Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users

Location: Washington, DC

TRANSPORTATION EQUITY ACT: A LEGACY FOR USERS -- (House of Representatives - March 09, 2005)


Mr. HOLDEN. Mr. Chairman, I would like to thank the gentleman for yielding me time.

I want to commend and congratulate the chairmen and the ranking members of the committee and subcommittee for their hard work on this legislation for the past 18 months.

As many speakers have said previous to me today, Mr. Chairman, we all on this committee wish we could be at our original target of $375 billion, but it is important that we pass this legislation here today, and it is very important that we get to a conference with the other body as quickly as possible.

This legislation is important to all of our districts and all of our States. As my friend from Pennsylvania said two speakers previously, Pennsylvania has specific transportation needs. Pennsylvania has more road miles to maintain than our friends in New Jersey, New York and New England combined.

In addition to that, the majority of truck traffic travelling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on our interstate system, particularly on Route 80, is not traffic that begins and ends in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania truly is the Keystone State when it comes to the economy of the northeast and of the Mid-Atlantic States. So this legislation is very important all across the country, but particularly to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

So I want to again commend the chairman and the ranking member for their hard work and look forward to a conference where we have as robust an investment as possible into our highway and transit systems.


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