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Leader Cantor Discusses Dangerous Iran Deal on CBS This Morning


Location: Washington, DC

This Deal Falls Short On All Fronts:
"I think this interim deal with Iran is in fact dangerous. It is a deal which brings Iran closer to becoming a nuclear power. This deal that's been negotiated by the Secretary of State, frankly, falls well short of the U.N. Security Council Resolution which called for no sanctions relief until Iran suspended its enrichment of uranium. And we see in this deal language, that despite protest to the contrary, language which says that Iran will have some type of right to enrich. As of yet, in the language of the deal, still to be defined. Now, this is all contrary to the notion of what so many of us have been fighting for which is to insist that we shouldn't pursue a policy of containment with Iran, that we should in fact insist that a country which has deceived the world, a country which has defied U.N. Security Council Resolutions, can't be trusted. And we want that power in that country to dismantle-- irreversibly dismantle -- its nuclear stockpiles and not be allowed to continue enrichment. I think this deal falls short on all of those fronts, and I think it bodes very, very ominously for the region, and in fact, U.S. security."

Iran Cannot Be Trusted:
"First of all, since when do we trust Iran? Iran has demonstrated again and again, it cannot be trusted. I believe that the attitude should be mistrust and verify. And what this agreement does is it just allows Iran to continue with all that it has in terms of centrifuges. It doesn't require any dismantling. It allows for the enrichment up to five percent, which used to be something that we wouldn't stand for. Iran could once again turn around tomorrow and throw away this."

We Are Opening The Door To The Weakening Of International Sanctions That Have Been In Place:
"There are two things that are wrong here. One is we have now let the door opened to sanctions going away. We have said that we will ease up on sanctions, which have taken years and years of progress for them to build and to be able to apply the kind of pressure that it did. And what we see also is there's no requirement that we comply with the U.N. Security Council Resolution, which the international community had united behind, which says we need to keep the pressure on Iran until it suspends its nuclear activity and it suspends its enrichment activity. And we know, in this agreement, there is no requirement for Iran to dismantle its plutonium reactor. There's no requirement for it to dismantle its enrichment facilities. So we've got a real cost to us as we are now opening the door to the weakening of international sanctions that have been in place."

False Choice Between War Or A Policy Of Appeasement:
"I don't buy into this -- what I believe -- is a false choice between war or a policy of appeasement. I just don't. I think that we could, with our influence diplomatically, economically -- could continue to build the pressure so we can protect our interest and our allies interest. All we have to do is listen to our allies who are most proximate to the threat in the region, Israel, the Gulf, Arab allies that we have, who have been saying all along that any kind of deal with this regime in Iran is not worth the paper it's written on. That it's very, very dangerous for us to allow Iran to now have the ability to claim it has a right to enrich, which is contrary to all the U.N. Security Council activities of late. The Congress has spoken out and said it's unacceptable."

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