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CBS "Face the Nation" - Iranian Sanctions


Location: Unknown

BRENNAN: Well, you say that's a small amount of financial relief. And it's just about $7 billion. But this is to a country that the U.S. still considers to be the top sponsor of terrorism in the world.

KERRY: But the...

BRENNAN: How do you control how they spend that money?

Are you confident...


BRENNAN: -- that it's not going to the wrong places?

KERRY: What you have to do here is begin a process by which you can actually dismantle their program and prove what it is or isn't doing. We're beginning in a place that will lock in their program where it is today, with respect to critical facilities, at the plutonium heavy water reactor. They will not be able to commission it. And we will know that because we can inspect it.

Today, we can't. That makes everybody safer.

We will be inside the Fordow enrichment facility that's built into a mountain, the secret facility. We're going to get into that.

Are you telling me we're not better off being able to get in and see what's happening?

Of course we are.

In each case where they have been able to enrich without our knowing exactly what they're doing, we will now be able to have greater inspection, greater knowledge, greater restraint. And that will expand the amount of time it would take for the to break out and create a nuclear weapon. That makes Israel safer. That makes the region safer. And we believe it is the right thing to do to put to test whether or not they will actually show the world they have a peaceful nuclear program.

BRENNAN: Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary.

KERRY: Thank you.


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