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Reps. Peters and Murphy, New Democrat Coalition Leaders Launch Bipartisan Effort to Create National Entrepreneurs' Day

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

New Democrat Coalition Members Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) and Rep. Patrick Murphy (FL-18), joined by all five Members of the New Democrat Coalition's leadership and 14 other Members of the New Democrat Coalition unveiled H. Res 401, a resolution to create a National Entrepreneurs' Day this morning.

H. Res 401 would designate the third Tuesday of November as "National Entrepreneurs' Day." The resolution notes the fact that "more than half-a-million new businesses are created in the United States every month and small business openings have accounted for 40 percent of new jobs in the last two decades," and calls upon Congress to recognize "those entrepreneurs who ignite innovation and inspire the next generation."

In November 2010, a Presidential Proclamation established National Entrepreneurship Week, a celebration of the "intrepid individuals [who] translate their vision into products and services." The New Democrat Coalition leaders crafted H.Res 401 out of the desire to make permanent the idea of National Entrepreneurs' Day.

"As a former small businessman and member of the Small Business Committee, I am proud to use my private sector experience to shape small business policy and promote entrepreneurship. With two out of every three new jobs coming from small businesses, establishing a National Entrepreneurs Day would recognize the American entrepreneurs that have been and continue to be the backbone of our economy, key to the American dream, and critical to job growth," Congressman Murphy said. "I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will reflect on the American culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and join us to recognize and support our nation's entrepreneurs, work to create a climate where small businesses can thrive, and strengthen our economic recovery."

"The United States has been the global leader in innovation over the past century thanks to the optimistic and adventurous spirit of American entrepreneurs," Congressman Peters said. "Today, on National Entrepreneurs' Day, we're sending a message to those wanting to start a new venture that Congress is serious about fostering an economic environment that supports them. Whether through comprehensive immigration reform or a serious look at our nation's corporate tax code, it's time we got to work making America the best place to start and build a new venture again."

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