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In Recognition of the 25th Anniversary of Brahmin Samaj of USA

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Brahmin Samaj of USA (BSOU) on its 25th Anniversary. For 25 years, BSOU has represented the Brahmin community in New Jersey, the surrounding region and all Brahmins across the United States.

Established in New Jersey in 1988, BSOU has grown from 11 members to more than 500 members today. In addition to its growth in membership, BSOU has also expanded to each U.S. state, Canada and other international countries. Likewise, it has seen the establishment of sister organizations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida and Ontario. It was registered as the official Brahmin organization in New Jersey in 1989.

Since its founding, BSOU has been led by ten presidents, including Founding President the late Shri Manibhai Joshi, Arunbhai Kantharia, Pramodaben Joshi, Begavatbhai Pandya, Rasikhbai Bhatt, Vishnubhai Bhatt, Dr. Hitendra Upadhyay, Naishad Pandya, Bhogilal Jani and current President Abhay Shukla. The organization is also represented by a Board of Trustees and Executive Committee which work toward advancing BSOU.

BSOU hosts various social, religious and cultural activities to promote and maintain the traditions and heritage of the Brahmins. It has hosted youth activities, large conventions and participated in the India Day Parade in New York City, New York for five years. BSOU continues its mission to honor and celebrate the Brahmin history and culture.

Mr. Speaker, once again, please join me in congratulating Brahmin Samaj of USA as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Its commitment to promoting the Brahmin culture and serving the Indian community is truly deserving of this body's recognition.

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