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Statement From Senators McConnell and Paul and Congressman Ed Whitfield on Paducah DOE Site


Location: Washington, DC

Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and Congressman Ed Whitfield (KY-01) today released the following statement regarding Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz's update to the delegation on the Paducah Department of Energy Site.

"Our Paducah community has long endured the hardships associated with uranium enrichment at the Paducah DOE site. When it became clear that the Gaseous Diffusion Plant would ultimately be closing, we aggressively sought out partners with Paducah's best interests in mind. That is why we have been placing constant pressure on the Department of Energy to select a plan through DOE's competitive "request for offers' process that will enable future development in Paducah.

"To that end, we are encouraged by Secretary Moniz's comments today that using DOE's depleted uranium assets for development in Paducah "remains a very important criteria' to the Department of Energy as they finalize their decision on the request for offers process.

"The people of Paducah deserve stability and certainty, which is why we are pleased by Secretary Moniz's comments today confirming that a final decision is coming soon. We expect DOE to make its decision shortly."

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