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Issue Position: Election Reform

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

As Chairman of the Task Force on Election Reform, Congressman Larson is committed to working with both sides of the aisle to fix our electoral system and ensure that the voices of regular citizens are not drowned out by corporations and special interests.

Over $2.3 billion was spent on our most recent presidential election. In that election, it would have taken 3.7 million small dollar donors to equal what the top 32 SuperPAC donors contributed. With millions of dollars in undisclosed and unregulated money pouring into our elections, it is clear the current electoral system is broken.

Created by Leader Nancy Pelosi, The Task Force on Election Reform was created to develop a legislative agenda for reforms to the electoral process under the D.A.R.E. (Disclose, Amend, Reform, and Empower) framework for the 113th Congress. Currently Larson is working to take the best parts of various task force proposals and mold them into one bill that will help rid our campaigns of big money influence.

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