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Pelosi Statement Recognizing Gotham City's Miles the Batkid


Location: Washington, DC

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement to recognize the heroic feats of Gotham City's one-and-only caped crusader, Batkid. Known by day as Miles, Batkid successfully thwarted the Riddler's attempt to rob the city bank and rescued Gotham's most treasured mascot, Lou Seal, from the flippers of the Penguin. Gotham City Mayor Ed Lee will present Batkid with a much-deserved key to the city.

"Today, Gotham will finally breathe safe thanks to the super-sized might and extraordinary courage of our city's true hero, Batkid. When Gotham City trembled in the grip of our most notorious villains, Batkid once again showed us the true meaning of bravery in the face of fear.

"In his young life, Batkid has fought a battle with cancer that would daunt even a full-grown superhero. He has emerged victorious, and is using that strength and positivity not only to save a city, but to inspire children across the globe who are fighting battles of their own.

"Miles, with your remarkable valor and your intrepid spirit, you have reminded us all what it is to believe in the power of our dreams. Thank you for saving the people of our city, stirring the hearts of a nation, and sharing your heroism with the world."

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