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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LANKFORD. Mr. Speaker, the President seems to flippantly just talk about 5 percent of Americans have received a cancelation notice, as if they are just individuals that didn't have a policy that really met his standard for what he was looking for or what the administration is looking for.

That 5 percent equals about 5 million people across the country. They are not just a random statistic. They are families and individuals like the Evans family, and it is not just this one family, but everyone that works in their business received this same letter. Why is that? Because as the President continues to speak about these are just individuals or individual policies, that is not actually true either.

Here is a letter from Aetna that came to the Evans family and every employee in their business. It says:

As you have heard, the Affordable Care Act is bringing many changes to health insurance. One of these changes is that the association groups, which are comprised of small employers, cannot provide coverage as a large group entity. Consequently, Aetna is discontinuing the current plans and has notified your employer.

The plans they have and they have been able to find are a 25 percent increase over last year. Their firm cannot hire additional people next year because of the additional cost.

This is the United States of America. What are we doing telling people what health insurance they can purchase?

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