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Scalise on President Obama's NOLA Visit: One of Obama's Biggest Exports Has Been U.S. Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement regarding President Obama's speech on the economy at the Port of New Orleans.

"One of the biggest exports we've seen under President Obama has been American jobs as his extreme regulations at the EPA, destructive laws like Dodd-Frank, and punishing taxes in his health care law, including the medical device tax, take a devastating toll on economic growth and middle-class job creation here at home," Scalise said.

"Speeches don't create jobs, and broken promises won't rejuvenate our stagnant economy. President Obama set a goal in 2010 to double exports by 2015, and other than enacting trade agreements negotiated under the previous Administration, he has failed to show leadership and strike any new agreements that would boost our economy. The best way to increase exports is to access new markets abroad while promoting a business friendly environment here at home, and encouraging American manufacturing. President Obama has failed to achieve those objectives, choosing instead to ship American jobs overseas because of extremist regulations and destructive red tape. It's time for the President to finally start working with Republicans in a bipartisan way to build a healthy middle class and get Washington politicians out of our health care decisions."

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