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Collins Co-Sponsors Surveillance Transparency Legislation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) yesterday evening officially co-sponsored H.R. 3035, the Surveillance Order Reporting Act (SORA). This bipartisan bill is a response to increasing concerns about individual privacy and how much information the federal government requests from Internet and telecommunications providers for alleged national security purposes.

Provisions in SORA allow these service providers to publicly disclose the number of requests for information received by federal government FISA courts, the number of these requests that are met, and the number of users or accounts about which information was requested.

Congressman Collins said, "In the twenty-first century, we have to strike a balance between protecting civil liberties and vigilant national security. With this Administration's troubling track record on surveillance, we need transparency legislation that is clear, to the point, and enforceable. SORA fills an important need."

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