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Congressman Young Votes Against President's "Blank Check"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Alaskan Congressman Don Young issued the following statement today after his vote in support of H.J. Res. 99, disapproving the President's authority to suspend the debt limit until February 2014.

"When President Obama first entered office 5 years ago, the U.S debt was a staggering $10.6 trillion. After years of spending with no end in sight, the national debt is on pace to double by the end of this President's second term. Today, I voted against raising the debt ceiling and to send a message to the President that we can no longer continue down this unsustainable "spend your way to prosperity' path he has put us on.

If the President is serious about growing our economy, and eliminating our debt, he needs to tell his federal bureaucrats to stop smothering innovation and investment, get out of the way of hardworking Alaskans and Americans, and allow business to flourish.

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