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NBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript:


Location: Washington, DC


SCHULTZ: In government reaction come again Nancy Pelosi recently told the
Hill it would probably be a good idea if they change the name. President
Obama said, that he would think changing the name if he were the owner.
Congresswoman, did this types of voices make a difference?

our voices make a difference and some of us have even found a bill. But I
think increasing the voices of the people make a difference.

And I hope that Dan Snyder doesn`t put himself in the same category as
George Preston Marshall who is forced to integrate the team the last of the
teams to be integrated because he was playing on federal land. And said
that he would integrate the team with the Holland road cut (ph) (inaudible)
integrate it with white.

I mean, he wasn`t about racist and I don`t think that`s what Dan Snyder is,
but he is about to go to the same route as George Preston Marshall did
because the patent and trademark office on four different occasions when he
tried to patent the name anew since 1999 had turn down such request.


HOLMES NORTON: And the trademark appeals board has already found the name
to be disparaging. It was overturned by a court only on a procedure
technicality if they followed their own president and a new case was just
argued in March.


HOLMES NORTON: This name is going, going, going, gone step up before
you`re compelled.

SCHULTZ: Well, it seems like he`s not going to do that. I mean, he is
still the NFL Commissioner, he`s not going to change the name. The only
way to hit him is in his pocketbook. The only way -- I mean, and do you
think that sponsors would start putting pressure on him?

HOLMES NORTON: After awhile, because -- let me talk about this pocketbook
for a moment.

Imagine if in fact those of us who love the Redskins and count me among
them have to get rid of all those hats and shirts and other paraphernalia
and he`s got a make them anew. He`s going to make amend.

So, as far from loosing money this is a good business decision as well.

SCHULTZ: But the arrogance of NFL owners is that nobody is going to tell
them what to do. I mean look, James Peterson look at how they were in
denial for long about -- for a long time about head injuries and really
didn`t want to do anything about that.

PETERSON: Yeah, but the federal government can tell you what to do.

PETERSON: The problem with this .

SCHULTZ: Hold it for a minute. OK, so Congresswoman you think that the
Redskins are going to be forced to change their name?

HOLMES NORTON: I do. I do based on all the presidents that are out there.
The recent President I don`t see how the trademark appeal board can do
anything else and the statute itself which has been found to be
constitutional .


HOLMES NORTON: Says that you cannot profit from a derogatory name.

SCHULTZ: All right. Mr. Peterson, what`s ahead for the Redskins here?

PETERSON: Well, I think my sense is that what NFL owners have got to come
to terms within their sort of 1 percent bubbles is that this franchise is
really exist as public priority partnerships. I mean they`re privately
owned but they don`t really exist without the public. They can`t really
function without the kind of municipal and statewide support that they get
for their stadiums and other things.

So, in the spirit of that I would hope that Mr. Snyder again would not have
to be forced to do this, but would take the opportunity to transition the
team now. The team is not doing so great right now. So, good you to do it
anyway, at least change the mascot and change the image on the helmet.
That would be a good gesture moving in the right direction even before you
change the name.

So, hopefully he`ll do what`s right here and the NFL will not begin to
continue to be smart (ph) as brand with this kind of racist slurs.
SCHULTZ: Well, NFL owners demand stadiums and public financing that
they`re going to move their team.

PETERSON: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: They`re not used to being told what to do. Congresswoman Ellen
Holmes she believes that they`re going to change the name. This is
interesting, let`s see where it all goes down.
I think the guy is so arrogant. I think he`d rather sell the team and
change the name and be known and be known as the owner that changed the
name of the team.

Congresswoman Ellen Holmes Norton and James Peterson thank you for joining
us tonight.


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