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Scalise Demands Answers from HHS Secretary Sebelius


Location: Washington, DC

During a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing today, Congressman Steve Scalise pressed HHS Secretary Sebelius for answers.

Scalise to Sebelius: "People are sharing stories with me … Shawn from Covington said -- "my current plan through United Health is no longer being offered in 2014 due to Obamacare. I received a letter stating that the new health care law was indeed the reason for the removal of my current health care plan.' Madam Secretary, what would you tell Shawn who liked his plan and now has lost it? He was promised by you and the president he would be able to keep that plan. What would you tell Shawn now that he's lost his plan?

Scalise continued: "You and I may disagree who you work for. I work for Shawn. You work for Shawn, Madam Secretary. Shawn lost his plan that he liked. There are thousands and millions of Shawns throughout this country that lost the plan they liked because some bureaucrat in Washington said we think your plan's not good enough. Even though you like it. Even though you were promised you could keep it. You are now not able to keep that plan. You deserve to give Shawn a better answer than "you have to shop for something else.'"

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