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Sanford Statement on Senate Bill to Extend CR, Raise Debt Ceiling


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Representative Mark Sanford (SC-1) voted against the Senate proposal, which extended the Continuing Resolution through January 15th and extends the debt ceiling through February 7th. This means the national debt will go up by roughly another $500 billion. The proposal did not include any provisions for long-term spending or entitlement reform.

"I opposed the bill that came before me in the House tonight for one very simple reason: It does nothing to address our national debt or our spending trajectory. It doesn't make progress towards confronting the ballooning deficits that await us around the corner. It raises the debt ceiling and funds the government without making any changes to the things that are causing the national debt to continue to expand," said Sanford.

"I think that this government shutdown is merely a preview of impacts to come down the road, which will be one hundred times worse, if Congress fails to get our financial house in order," added Sanford. "At the end of the day two, beats one in politics and so here we see President Obama and Senator Harry Reid's position win out, but there is a much larger takeaway regarding our need as a nation to have a conversation about changing the way Washington promises and spends."

"I have fought for nearly 20 years against the expansion of government spending and the necessity of confronting our financial reality. According to the Congressional Budget Office in only 12 years every penny government receives will go to entitlement programs or interest on our debt," added Sanford. "12 years is a blink of an eye and things are going to get progressively more painful and difficult if we don't start making progress now."

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