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Kingston Opposes Senate Debt Limit "Deal'


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) released the following statement after voting against a proposal put forward by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) because it failed to address the nation's long-term spending problem:

"The drama of the government shutdown and the debt limit debate has served as a distraction from the real debate here. Our national debt is larger than the size of the entire American economy and government borrows forty-two cents for every dollar it spends. I opposed this proposal because it does nothing to check the growth of government or put our country on a more sustainable path.

"While I could not support this package, I remain committed to working with Democrats and Republicans alike to advance reforms that will free future generations from a life indebted to China. We must come together to ensure the next three months are used productively so we are not in this position again."

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