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Governor Christie: We Curse At Each Other, But We Get Things Done


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Senate President Sweeney: Democrats, Republicans, in the midst of major campaigns we can say nice things about each other and shake each other's hands and mean it because it's about getting things done. So, it's my pleasure to introduce the guy and use--like we joke because I say all the time I curse at him a lot, but--because we really do disagree on a few things. But, what we don't disagree on is jobs and making things better for the people of the state, so Governor, it is a thrill to be here with you.

Governor Christie: He does curse at me and I curse at him, and that's part of the beauty of our relationship because in the end we feel passionately about the things that we believe in, but here's the difference between what happens in Trenton, New Jersey and what happens in Washington, DC. In Trenton, we curse at each other and then we sit down at a table and we get things done. In Washington, they curse at each other and they just keep cursing at each other and they don't get anything done. And the difference between what's happening in New Jersey and what's happening in Washington, DC, the effect that it has on people is what you see happening today. What you saw happening at Gloucester County College when Steve and I were together earlier this week, with a new building to help children and families who are dealt with developmental disabilities and now are going to give these young adults an opportunity to reach their full potential. All these projects, that being the Building Our Future Act, investing $1.3 billion in our state's higher education institutions. Today, the work that we're doing to help build power plants and make energy more affordable for the people of New Jersey and to make sure that the men and women you see standing to my left and to my right are working as well. Those things are all very important to New Jersey's future and its economy, and as Steve said it's not a Republican or a Democratic issue. These are the things that we need to get done, that people expect us to get done when they give us the honor and the privilege of having the positions that Steve and I have.

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