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Governor Christie: My Kids Want To Know Why I Don't Like Halloween


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: I've looked at the weather report, and the weather report looks OK for Thursday. My children are particularly focused on this because they tell me that twice now since I've been governor I have canceled Halloween. Two years ago because of the blizzard that made things completely unsafe for people to go around, last year because of Sandy, and my children want to know if I just don't like Halloween. That's not true. I'm fine with Halloween and I'm really hoping that Halloween this year -- and from the weather we see right now it looks like it's going to be OK -- that the kids in New Jersey for the first time now in three years will have a normal Halloween where they can get in their costumes, walk with their families through their neighborhoods, and enjoy that special day that all of them seem to enjoy so much where they get to express themselves a bit with their costumes and then the parents get to experience -- in my house it's usually about a week of incredible sugar highs that no matter where you hide the candy, ultimately when they come home they find it and then it winds up in their rooms where they. You wonder why they can't fall asleep for a week? Well, there's no wonder. We all know why. The parents in this audience all know why. So, I'm hoping that for all the communities across New Jersey, but particularly those communities that have been most affected by the storm, places like Little Ferry and Moonachie, that there can be a close to normal Halloween for those kids this Thursday. And that can be an opening door to what the next year I think will bring, which is a return to normalcy for everybody who was affected by Sandy in these communities and throughout the state.

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