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Governor Christie: We'll Be Here Until The Job Is Finished


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Let me be really clear again as I've been many times, we're really pleased with the progress that we've made. 365,000 homes severely damaged or destroyed on October 29 of 2012 and we've made extraordinary progress, but no one ever said that this was all going to be fixed within a year. I said right from the beginning this was an 18 to 24 month project and it's proven to be right. Part of that is because of the red tape and the bureaucracy out of Washington DC, but also part of it is the severity of the damage. This was the worst storm that has ever hit this state. The most damage that has ever happened in this country other than Hurricane Katrina. So, I think for a lot of folks in this state they find it hard to believe that everything's not back to normal because they're in a place that wasn't as severely affected as Little Ferry, or Moonachie, or Mantoloking, or Union Beach, but I go to those places all the time and I'm here often as you know, and we're going to continue to be here until this job is finished. And part of that job is to help those people who are still struggling or newly struggling and aren't quite yet back to normal. Well we need to give them this money to help bridge that period of time because no one should be losing their home because of this, no one should feel as if they can't go back to a home that's been rebuilt because they don't have the appliances, the beds, the necessities that families need to be able have a house really be a home.

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