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Governor Christie: When We Work Together, We Get It Right


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: You know we hear lots of conversation all the time from folks who wish that government worked more for them, that wish that both parties would care less about press releases and politics and care more about actually doing the job that we're given to do and enjoy in the moments that we're given in public service as ways to try to make our state a better place. And that's especially difficult in a campaign season where everybody who calls Trenton, at least their partial home, is up for election. I hope that what you see through what we're doing now is that every once and awhile we get it right. We can work with each other to make sure that these things become priorities and we begin to help the parents in this community meet their challenges and help the children and young people of this community reach their potential. And so I'm really happy to be here today. When I spoke to Steve about us doing this together we both felt that it was an important symbol to the state that the governor, a Republican, the Senate President, a Democrat, are coming together for this community because they are special, they are important, they are valuable, and they deserve every opportunity that every other citizen in this state has an opportunity to do during their lifetimes.

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