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Governor Christie: I Believe In This City


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: I spoke to my dad this morning who's now 80 years old and told him what I was doing today and where I was coming, and he just said four words to me, "I'm proud of you." Because this is what he considers home. And I know that my mom is looking down and is really happy, really happy that me, and Cory, and our private sector partners have put a focus on making sure that we turn the page for this city. It is important for the spirit of the people and most important for their aspirations for their children's future to believe that this is a place where their children can make their future and make it a good one. It's projects like this that will help to inspire that. And you say governor you're overstating it, can a supermarket in a multi-use type of development like this one really inspire, yes it can. Because what it represents is belief that there are people of means and intelligence who say who say this is a place worth investing in. This is a place worth fighting for. This is a place worth celebrating.

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