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Senator-Elect Cory Booker: I'm Really Proud Of What We've Done Together


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Senator-Elect Cory Booker: What can happen in America when people put partisanship aside and roll up their sleeves and say we're going to work together, we're going to do something together, what can happen is impossible things can be made possible. Right now I've been a mayor of the biggest city in the state working with the governor of this state. He came to me when he was governor-elect and made a commitment to me that we would find common ground and where we found that common ground we would do great things. We've done that in education, governor, I'm really proud of what we've done for the public schools in this city, and we've done it with development in ways that are simply extraordinary.

Governor Christie: What DC is reminding us right now is that those jobs come with an obligation, and to me that obligation is to work with each other. Even the people we don't like we have to work with, even the people we don't agree with we have to work with, because you know what the people picked them. The people picked each and every one of us, and while I may not agree with every choice the people make and I'm sure there are some who don't agree with the choice they made standing up here, that's okay, that's alright, you don't have to agree, but we have to show honor to each other. Because when we show honor to each other that is the strongest expression of honor to the people that we can make, the strongest. And so I am committed to making sure that continues. And as I think, I don't know, there's probably -- I don't know, I'm looking under this tent, I think there's four Republicans. I think there might be, there might be four, but all four of us stand with the rest of you to make sure that we work together to bring better things to the people of our state.

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