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Default Prevention Act of 2013-- Motion to Proceed--

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DONNELLY. Madam President, I thank Senator Collins, who helped lead our group, Senator Pryor, Senator Manchin, and so many others who helped lead our group as well. This was not Democrats and Republicans, this was Americans who were sent here to serve our country.

I am blessed to come from the State of Indiana. They gave me this great honor to serve. I know precisely why they sent me here, which is to do the work of the Nation, to protect our Nation, to not worry about Republican or Democrat, but to do what is right.

I take that charge very seriously. That is why I am working with my colleagues to see is there a way we can help bring an agreement closer, bring an agreement together that protects our credit ratings, that protects our financial situation, and that protects our country. I was very lucky to be part of such an extraordinary group of partners in this effort. I thank all of them.

As the Senator from Alaska was saying, we have a lot of work to do, as all Senators know. We stand ready, on whatever front our Nation needs us, to do that kind of work. That is not Democrat work, that is not Republican work, but that is American work, to move our Nation and our country forward.


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